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Fusionprep is a digital kitchen solution designed to improve efficiencies in kitchen and give operators and culinary team members greater insight into their kitchen workflow

  • Update recipes and builds with a single click

    Fusionprep provides centralized management of your recipes and builds ensuring that your kitchen always has the most up-to-date information. Our customers are seeing improved consistency and standards as a result of our system.

  • Embed photos and videos for all recipes

    Use photos and videos to help your team understand your standards in a clear way. You can embed unlimited photos and videos for all of your recipes and builds to communicate your standards to your entire organization. Gone are the days of sending DVD's to all of your locations.

  • Print food safety labels directly from the recipe

    Fusionprep has integrated food safety labeling. Since we already know the shelf life we can quickly print food safety labels for any prepared item so that all of your labels always have the right information. Because we require users to open the recipe to print a label, your procedures are displayed which reinforces good behavior.

  • Prep Lists are a breeze with Fusionprep

    Take on-hand counts and generate prep-lists based on par levels that are set on a unit level. Say goodbye to paper and hello to a new streamlined workflow.

  • No more messy paper line checks.

    Let your team members complete their line checks with ease. Optionally prompt for temperatures and protein weights.

  • Full historical reporting

    Need a temp log or history report? Easily pull Line Check reports from the FusionPrep control panel for all stores, groups of stores, and even individual stores!

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