New Checks & Wireless Thermometers are here!

Wireless Thermometers and Improved Checks

We have a few really exciting announcements to share with all of you! As of today, a new version of FusionPrep is available on the App Store that has some exciting new technology. Most of your iPads will update automatically, but feel free to open the App Store on your iPads if you want to update right away.

Now let’s talk about these new features!

Wireless Thermometer Integration
We’ve been listening to you for quite some time, and we’re so excited to finally announce our support for wireless bluetooth thermometers! The days of having to take temps with an external thermometer and manually type them into FusionPrep are gone. Our wireless thermometer will automatically record temperatures accurately and efficiently! Contact our Sales team or reply to this email today to get more information on getting these awesome thermometers in your kitchens!

Line Checks & Check Lists are now Checks
We’ve looked at so many line checks and check lists since we initially released those features in our apps. Over the years we’ve found that many of you have combined check lists that consist of many different types of questions. For that reason, we’ve now combined Line Checks and Check Lists into one unified feature called Checks. Not only is our new Checks functionality more powerful, but it’s also no longer tied to recipes. This means you can create checks that ask yes/no questions, acceptable/unacceptable (similar to line checks), temp logs, etc. We’ve also added category support so you can organize your checks and keep them better organized. The possibilities are endless!

As of this morning we’ve already converted all of your Line Checks and Check Lists to our new Checks functionality. Stores who update their iPads will see all of their line checks and check lists under the new Checks tab. Don’t worry! The old line checks and check lists will continue to function without issue. For the time being, we’re leaving the legacy Line Check and Check List management enabled in control panel until all of our customers have updated their iPads to the latest version of FusionPrep. At that time we’ll officially disable the legacy functionality. During the interim, we’d suggest keeping your Line Checks, Check Lists and Checks in sync with one another manually to make sure all stores are seeing the same information. We expect to officially remove the legacy functionality in the next 30-60 days.

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