Advantages to Using a Cloud Based Recipe Management System

We visit a good number of restaurants around the country. While our system solves a number of problems in the kitchen one of quickest ways people see value in our system is by moving recipes from a desktop application like Microsoft Word or Excel to a cloud based solution that allows them to collaborate and work on their data from anywhere.

Once they switch to a system like Fusionprep it gives him or her the freedom to make changes from anywhere on the road and ensure that their team members are always referencing the most recent version of their data. Unlike a free form system like Word, all of your recipes will always look the same since your recipes follow a format that ensures consistency.

Our application provides an easy way for your team to view recipes, builds, and training materials in the kitchen and eliminates the need for distributing paper binders and documentation. Contact us today to find out how we can help save you time and increase consistency.